Graduate Programmes

Design and deliver comprehensive graduate programmes that helps your business attract, develop and retain the freshest talent, helping recent graduates transition from highly capable students to impactful professionals that make a difference in your organisation.

What is a graduate programme?

Graduate programmes are designed to give newly graduated young people a head start with a clear progression programme within your business. Some of the clients we have worked with define graduates as people who have graduated less than five years ago, in some cases three years.  Graduate programmes last anywhere between one and two years.

Designing and delivering flagship graduate programmes

Yellow Duck Development will work closely with your business, involving senior leaders to create a comprehensive and attractive graduate programme which includes a full calendar of activity. Our highly regarded graduate programmes include the following elements:

  • A clear structure of programme roles and responsibilities within your business
  • A calendar of training sessions ranging from 3-hours (virtual) to 4 days (in-person).
  • Business Spotlight sessions delivered in partnership with business experts.
  • Rotational placements across sites/countries (where applicable).
  • An internal mentor
  • A manager overview so they understand the programme and how they can support
  • Regular check-ins with the programme coordinator and/or sponsor
  • Accountability and peer coaching sessions.

Benefits of a graduate programme

Specific outcomes are developed for each of the clients we work with but in general, a graduate programme is mutually beneficial:

For Graduates

Joining a structured graduate programme gives them a step up on the path to desirable positions, salary progression, and access to structured training, coaching and mentoring, networking and collaboration, placements at different sites / countries to broaden their understanding of the wider business and help develop their commercial and business acumen.

For Business

Comprehensive graduate programmes can help your business to attract, develop and retain the freshest talent. Graduates benefit your business by bringing with them transferable skills, technical capability, drive to succeed along with new ideas and fresh insight. This can drive innovation and position your business ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Yellow Duck Development?

Yellow Duck Development has worked with multinationals as well as smaller businesses to create attractive and mutually beneficial graduate programmes. Previous clients have been thrilled with our organisational and training capabilities that ensure graduates have great experiences.