Leadership Programmes

Build a strong team of leaders with our adaptive programmes for management and senior teams.

Our management and leadership programmes are designed to align with your business culture, values, competencies and strategic aims. We start by seeking to understand your goals and determine what success looks like for you and then put forward a proposed solution that we feel will meet your requirements. We will spend time working with you to get this right. 

Because our solutions are bespoke, the delivery roll-out is flexible around your needs and existing business commitments. Typically, management and leadership development programmes last between 3-6 months to complete. We work together to establish the right level of frequency and duration for each session to deliver the business results you are looking for.

Style and Content

All programmes are bespoke to your business needs but topics we are usually asked to cover include understanding my impact, engaging and motivating my team, leading others, coaching for performance, communicating with purpose, leading change, crucial conversations, and effective decision-making.  Our programmes are adaptive, engaging, highly interactive, discussion and activity-based, designed to facilitate meaningful discussions, overcome challenges and accelerate performance.

Who should attend these programmes?

Rather than thinking ‘who’, think what you want to achieve…examples of our Client scenarios include:

We are a new start-up company and have an opportunity to build something special… we want to start by accelerating the performance of our senior leadership team…

We have some really talented people, and we want to invest in their development…

We have lots of people managers who have never had any formal development, we are keen to support their development and help them progress…

We want to develop a coaching culture but don’t know where to start…

Why Choose Yellow Duck Development?

Yellow Duck Development is highly invested in developing people to manage teams and businesses in the most successful ways possible. We aim to make all our programmes fun and engaging, providing you with time away from your business to work on yourself and invest in future you! With over 20 years of experience running development programmes for leaders and managers, we are perfectly placed to help you reach your goals. You can read more about us here.