Personal Development

Enable your employees to unlock their full potential and become super assets to your business with our engaging, highly tailored short courses and one-to-one coaching sessions!

What do we mean by personal development?

Personal development is a continuous and intentional process whereby you, your colleague(s) or team embark on a journey to enhance specific knowledge, skills and/or abilities. Specific learning outcomes will be determined so that we can develop the right solution.

Our existing clients tell us they have benefited from increased confidence, improved self-awareness, better communication skills, stronger working relationships, increased positive thinking, better quality conversations, to name a few.

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Personal Development Pathways

With Yellow Duck Development, no two personal development pathways are the same. Each course or coaching session uses tried and tested methods but is tailored to be as unique as you and your business are.

Typically, our short personal development courses are 1-3 days or 3-4 half days and will focus on specific needs and learning outcomes. Examples of short courses we have already developed for clients include focused meetings, beating the time bandits, influence without authority, and our rated five-star customer service programme.

Alternatively, we can deliver one-to-one coaching – this might be to help individuals gain perspective, unlock their thinking, solve issues, understand themselves better, address a particular development need, or perhaps to clarify their goals and aspirations

Who would benefit from personal development?

Anyone can benefit from personal development but here are some specific examples…

“Jonny isn’t performing. We have tried different things but have run out of ideas of how best to help him improve. We value him and want to develop him ….”

“We have some really talented people, and we want to invest in their development… “

“We have lots of people managers who have never had any formal development, we are keen to support their development and help them progress…”

Why Choose Yellow Duck Development?

Yellow Duck Development provide bespoke personal development solutions designed to empower your employees, help them progress, and shine like stars! Our bespoke courses and one-to-one coaching are facilitated by a learning specialist with over 25 years’ experience in people development and prioritises enjoyable, engaging and impactful learning!