About Us

Hello, I’m Natalie Houlton! I am a people development specialist, director and founder of Yellow Duck Development. Yellow Duck Development is mostly me, but I am fortunate enough to work with some wonderfully talented and creative learning and development collaborators too!

I established the company in 2012 after I saw a need for a learning and development consultancy that was…well, a little bit less dry, and a whole lot more fun! Yellow Duck Development prioritises engagement, connection, interaction, reflection and enjoyment! We all know that we learn better when we…

  • feel comfortable to be ourselves and share our experiences.
  • have space to reflect and discuss our ideas and thoughts with others.
  • are in a safe space to practice our skills and learn together.
  • learn new skills that we can apply as soon as we return to the workplace
  • are given practical ideas and tools that are brought to life in an engaging way.
  • feel listened to, supported and valued.
  • have fun along the way!

Our Values

Values are the heart of this business. They direct all our partnerships, the decisions we make and the way we work. Here are our BIG SIX!

Make Learning Fun

Having fun helps us to enjoy our experience of learning and encourages us to be more open and when we’re open, we learn more.  We deliver relevant, engaging and enjoyable learning experiences for everyone involved.

Always Listen

Listening is a crucial part of effective partnerships – we take the time to listen thoroughly, so we understand what our Clients want and really need.

Integrity Matters

This one kind of goes without saying but we include it because we want our Clients to know explicitly that we pride ourselves on being open, honest and act with integrity.

Build Partnerships

When we work with Clients, we see ourselves as an extension of their business and that’s how many clients have come to see us too. We work together to get stuff done!

Draw On Experience

We have had the privilege of working with many businesses across a wide variety of sectors over many years, and whilst we draw on all the knowledge, experience and expertise we have gained we are not limited by it. Every project or assignment allows us to learn, be challenged, apply new ideas, share current thinking and draw on wider expertise. 

Deliver Results

At the start of any work assignment, we seek to understand what great looks like and where the client wants to get to. Our  priority is to work well as a partnership and help our Client to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

And so that is what happens when you invite Yellow Duck Development to work with you! These guiding principles, our vision of ‘getting people hooked on learning’ and our underpinning values when working with clients have contributed to an ethos, style and approach that means we can understand what is required quickly, work in partnership to provide a solution that fits the organisational culture, goals and needs, whilst facilitating engaging sessions that help participants to accelerate their skills in the workplace.   

Can you tell that we love what we do? Clients, collaborators and participants all tell us they value it too.  

What people say about Yellow Duck Development

This is the place to blow my own trumpet…it feels a bit uncomfortable to do this but we have a lot of lovely clients saying lovely things so it would be remiss of us not to share so here goes…here are some lovely words clients have had to say about us and the work we have done together. Read the full testimonials here.