Action Learning

Empower your teams with action learning; a powerful, practical approach to problem-solving aimed at developing your coaching skillset whilst solving real business challenges.

What is action learning?

Action learning is a method where a small team solves real business issues through effective peer coaching. An action learning coach facilitates the process initially and encourages team members to apply the action learning methodology and practice.

Action learning is suitable for any type of business and all levels of staff, individual employees, teams, and management.

The action learning process

Typically, a session lasts four hours and will be repeated every four weeks, either to continue working on the same issue or move on to new ones. The aim is for the team to become self-sufficient and confidently facilitate the sessions themselves or integrate action learning into business-as-usual team meetings.

The action learning process includes:

  • Individuals selecting important, often relatively complex problems they need help to resolve.
  • The rest of the group use coaching skills to help the individual work through the issue, explore options and identify workable solutions.
  • The team will encourage curiosity, reflection and consideration and inspire the individual to put words into action and reach a solution.

What are the benefits of action learning?

  • Through action learning, individuals and teams adopt a dynamic attitude towards problem-solving and are empowered to produce creative solutions to future problems.
  • Your organisation’s process of problem-solving is improved and simplified.
  • Action learning builds confidence and encourages greater teamwork and communication skills.
  • Coaching skills are embedded which means individuals can problem-solve independently.

Why Choose Yellow Duck Development?

Yellow Duck Development provide bespoke solutions designed to empower your employees and ultimately make your business more successful. With over 20 years’ experience in facilitating action learning sessions, we are well placed to bring action learning into your business.